Coronavirus: Information and Resources


Dear all

We have put this bank of resources together to guide us through school closures and disruption to education caused by COVID 19 so that you have a one-stop-shop for information about what you might be able to do given different scenarios.

This resource bank contains tools and suggestions from the initial emergency response to the later phases of recovery and re-opening. For all of us the initial phases are over for now. However- given the scale and nature of the crisis there is nothing to say that this will not reoccur. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to keep guidance and model documentation that we might use again, either for a second peak of Coronavirus, or perhaps some pointers for different types of emergency closures.

We will add to further documents and information as the weeks go by to try to ensure our contingency planning is as effective as it can be.  However, please let us know if there are any areas of work we have missed and that we need to develop guidance for.

Yours truly,

Pat and Sarah Fielding


Click on the hyperlinks below to access the following information:

Supporting Remote Learning
  • NST 2020-2021 Microsoft TEAMS Training Pathways
  • Resources from Blended Learning Teachmeet Sessions – Tapestry, Class Dojo, IXL, Showbie and Purple Mash
Key Contacts
  • LA Coronavirus information point
  • LA Schools Health and Safety Team – David Thompson and Alison Sheldon
  • Remote Access issues contacts
  • FAQ guide for schools
Immediate Response
  • Template letter for parents in the event of a positive case within the classroom
  • Action Summaries
  • Initial information on schools’ closure
  • Letter templates for parents
  • Critical Worker Definition
  • Local Authority Critical Worker Status Confirmation Letters
  • Definition – vulnerable children and young people
  • Checklist from PHE (when they call with a positive case or when we report a positive case)
Safeguarding and Welfare
  • Social Work Team Contact List
  • School attendance and oversight of vulnerable children
  • Safeguarding pupils process
  • Notification letter to parents of children on a CP Plan
  • Information from Children’s Social Care (04-04-2020) – Interim Arrangements
  • Children and Families Direct MASH
  • Initial Child Protection Conferences / Reviews and Child in Care Reviews
  • Core Groups and Child in Need Meetings
  • Fieldwork and Children in Care Team Managers and Team Areas/Contacts
  • Flowchart for Vulnerable Children
  • LA Risk Assessment for Vulnerable Pupils and those with an EHCP
  • Vulnerable children travelling to school letter
  • Letter for permissible travel for key worker
  • Free School Meals
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence
  • Action for Young Carers
  • Links to online Safeguarding training
  • Exemplar addendum to Safeguarding Policy
  • Safeguarding advice for remote teaching and learning during the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Lesson Livestreaming
  • Guidance around using social media and WhatsApp
Recommended Comms Strategy
  • Key Points
  • School partial or full closure processes
  • Example of an emergency contact procedure
  • Linking with staff via Microsoft Teams
School Closure and Reopening Processes
  • School Temporary Closure Checklist
  • School Partially Open Checklist
  • School Reopening Checklist
  • Schools Closure Process
  • NST Cluster / Hub Model
  • Reopening Schools Protocols
Health and Safety Guidance
  • Local Authority Public Health Contact
  • Local Authority Schools Health and Safety Team
  • Social Distancing and Test / Trace
  • First Aiders
  • Exemplar Risk Assessment Documents
  • PPE Guidance
  • PPE Ordering Website
  • AGP Local Guidance
Individual RA – Whether individuals can be in school considering the risks of exposure to Coronavirus
  • Documents discussing the issues surrounding Covid vaccinations for pregnant staff
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment
  • Staffing guidance from the Local Authority HR Service
  • Forms from the Local Authority Health and Safety Team
  • Coronavirus Essential Visitor Protocol: contractors and non-school based professionals
  • Covid symptom tracker for schools
  • NST Risk Assessment – for visitors to NST Office
Coronavirus Symptoms
  • Flow Chart and Isolation Calculator
  • Primary Testing and Clinical Supply and Workforce Guidance
  • Local Authority Coronavirus FAQs
  • Symptom Summary
  • Symptom Summary Flow Charts
  • PHE Action Cards
  • Coronavirus Testing
  • Ordering additional test kits
  • Confirmed Coronavirus cases – what to do
  • Mellers Covid Outbreak Response
  • PHE Model Letters and Risk Assessments
  • PHE – Draft script for the public health management of confirmed cases including multiple cases in schools
HSE Inspections – Autumn 2020
  • Sources of advice and support
  • Education Psychology Team – Information to support loss and bereavement during Coronavirus outbreak
  • Template letter to parents and carers
  • Template letter to parents and carers – death of a pupil
  • Template letter to parents and carers – death of a member of staff
  • Local Authority Death in Service Policy
  • Exemplar Bereavement Guidance and Support Document
Governing Body Resources
  • Advice for the Chair of Governors
  • Template for a weekly / fortnightly report to Governors
Learning During Coronavirus
  • Parents Internet Safety Agreement & Laptop Loan Agreement Templates
  • Reviewing Your Remote Education Provision
  • Ofsted Advice – What’s Working Well in Remote Learning
  • NST Remote Learning Resource Pack
  • Remote and Blended Learning Toolkit
  • An introduction to Showbie, IXL, Class Dojo, Tapestry and Purple Mash
  • ASCL Guidance for Remote Learning
  • Resources for across all subjects/age groups
  • Adaptations to Classroom Practice
  • DfE Recommended E-Learning Resources
  • Resource Bank – Subject Specific Resources
  • Resources for Pupils with EAL
  • Websites – Interactive
  • Online Books
  • Worksheets and General Resources for Parents
  • General Literacy Skills
  • Graphic Organisers
  • YouTube and Other Videos
  • Apps
  • Book Making
  • Advice about Coronavirus in many languages
  • Community Resources
  • Online Trauma Informed Resources from Barnardo’s Education Community
  • Education Psychology
  • Example Communications with Parents/Children
  • Wellbeing resources for pupils
  • Wellbeing resources for school staff
Human Resources
  • COVID Staffing FAQs
  • Sick Pay and Leave Advice
  • HR Update from Carol McCrone – dated 11th June 2020
  • Covid-19 Testing
Other Useful Information
  • Nottingham City Council Customer Hub details
  • Collection of guidance for educational settings on GOV.UK
  • Information about Coronavirus in different languages
  • Tax relief for employees working at home