Laptop Appeal

Laptops needed for Nottingham city school children


Our appeal for unwanted laptops

Do you have an old or unwanted fully functioning laptop with a webcam that you can donate? We are desperately in need of additional computers to help our children to continue their learning from home.

Unfortunately we are only able to take fully functioning laptops with webcams.  If you don’t have a power cable we can probably source one though.

We are working with the charity who repurpose old laptops for free. The charity will professionally wipe the laptop of all old files, software and operating systems so there are no data security worries. The laptop will then be given to a Nottingham city child to support their home learning.

Nottingham Schools Trust are keen to ensure every child in our 36 schools has a functioning laptop with a webcam even after lockdown.  We do not want children to be held back due to digital inequality.  If your company is upgrading employee laptops please consider donating old stock to us instead of paying to have them recycled.

Please email if you can help. Please spread the word to friends, family and colleagues.


A huge thank you for your support!

Nottingham Schools Trust would like to thank all the generous people out there who have donated their unused laptops.  We would also like to give thanks to the companies below who have donated either funds for new laptops, or their old employee laptops that have been upgraded.


Progress so far

As at 16th February, 271 laptops have been acquired against our target of 1000, which is fantastic!