Recommended Comms Strategy

Key Points
  • NST will ensure phone lines, email contact remains open 24/7. Please contact via the office phone number which is 01159153701 or on
  • NST has established a fortnightly meeting via TEAMS with a core group of system leaders from across the NST to ascertain progress and explore issues/ find solutions.
  • NST CEO’s have a scheduled weekly meeting with the LA Education Directorate.
  • NST CEO’s has established cluster group meetings for all member schools. These meet fortnightly to share any issues and strategies.
  • NST will continue to issue Heads Up! weekly to share ideas and resources as well as deliver key messages.
  • NST will also issue a weekly update email which will include COVID specific updates.
  • All requests from media groups outside the LA e.g. Nottingham Post please refer to the LA media Team before engaging. or
  • NST SIA’s will contact each of their linked schools regularly.
  • If you have any potential issues with capacity please email us to let us know and we will try to source additional support for you.


School partial or full closure processes

Establish a contact pyramid as part of your emergency planning to ensure all staff members are contacted frequently in person as part of your staff wellbeing protocol. We would suggest that a phone call or video chat to ensure that all is well. Is probably the best approach? It is important that all staff are checked on weekly and sometimes group chats can mask potential issues.


Example of an emergency contact procedure

We have set up a School Comms group to notify staff via text and also will email staff as soon as we can to notify of any changes.

Following the text and email contact will be made with staff as follows. This will include keeping in touch calls to ensure all staff are safe and well.

Staff2 Staff3
Staff 4 Staff 5 Staff 6 Staff 7
Staff 8 Staff 9 Staff 10 Staff 11 Staff 12 Staff 13 Staff 14 Staff 15
Staff 16 Staff 17 Staff 18 Staff 19 Staff 20 Staff 21 Staff 22 Staff 23


Keep a log of how staff are and what your capacity is looking like:

Sig Risk-Vulnerable Vulnerable self and association Normally fit and well-no underlying health conditions Staff currently either self-isolating or ill


Linking with staff via Microsoft Teams

Try to establish and apply the use of Microsoft Teams as an effective way of communicating with staff both as individuals and as groups. For advice about how to set this up please contact Schools IT.

There are lots of resources here including remote learning and remote working.  The first welcome to Teams video on the page (link below) gives an overview of meetings, calls and sharing screens etc.  There are no restrictions in place on our setup so you can enter the full email address of an external user and as long as they are enabled for either Teams or Skype for Business they will appear with (external) or without (external) if they are on the Schools IT 365.  Some external users may be restricted on who they are allowed to connect to but we have none of these restrictions in place.

All staff and students that have a 365 account are ready to use Teams and many schools are already using it for setting work for their children.  Schools IT can disable the children from being able to create their own Teams and from being able to use the call feature.  Any staff member has access to create their own teams.

If you need anything further please contact Schools IT on or 0115 915 0900.